Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Milldale will 'raise the bar'

Milldale will 'raise the bar' on successful Millwater template.

The name Milldale derives from the Kauri that was milled from the land in the early 1800’s, as far inland as Wainui. The development is overlooked by Mt Pleasant to the west, bordered by Wainui Road and Orewa River to the north, and Pine Valley Rd and Weiti River to the south. The land between forms a natural valley, or dale.
As a progression from Millwater, many synergies exist between the two developments, from an historical and planning point of view - Milldale was an obvious choice, rolls off the tongue well and creates an obvious link to one of Auckland’s most successful and popular residential developments.

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Millwater is now in its 8th year of land release. The first stages in Seaview sold in 2009, Ridgedale in 2012, Bonair in 2014 and Arran Point last year, with the final stages in Arran Hills to be released in approximately 4 years.

Despite the GFC significantly impacting the NZ property sector as Millwater went to market, demand has steadily increased due to the high quality of the development and the careful thought that went into planning and facilitating substantial infrastructure and amenities that now form the regions central hub of commerce. From the Arran Drive bridge connecting Orewa, to the Millwater motorway interchange - both constructed by the developers at key construction milestones and working in partnership with other stakeholders, accessibility has proven to be pivotal in the area’s growth and popularity.

Not only has Millwater been instrumental in providing jobs and income for the surrounding region, the reputation it has gained for a high quality – high value lifestyle has spread to neighbouring suburbs, lifting the desirability of the entire Hibiscus Coast, even reigniting activity as far out as Gulf Harbour.

With approximately 2000 homes now occupied in Millwater, a further 250 presently being built in Bonair, 227 beginning in Arran Point and another 423 pending in Arran Hills, the near 3000 dwellings in Millwater will house well over 10,000 residents by its completion around 2022.

The first of its kind in NZ, Millwater’s visionary template has been replicated by others, however its successor in neighbouring Wainui, Milldale will further raise the bar to meet the high demands of changing populations for mixed density developments.

Masterplanned in conjunction with expanding Council requirements, Milldale will also be focused around a central retail hub. Catering for the needs of young and old, individuals and extended families with a wide variety of lifestyles, Milldale will increase in density at it’s heart, where the pulse for the 3500 homes it supports will radiate outwards into parks and reserves formed by the natural geography.

Capitalising on the same local employment opportunities and immediate motorway access provided by the growth of Millwater, construction is already underway in Milldale, providing further land for high quality homes and a high value lifestyle, with the first stages planned for release in late 2018.